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Kealia is our adopted beach and we Pack Your Trash.

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From Hanalei to Kealia much of the coast is low sea cliff fringed by shallow reefs, with a few bays that are drowned river-valley mouths. The shore southeastward to Kealia is about half beach and half sea cliffs rising 20 to 200 feet high. The cliffs are highest near Kilauea and Moloa’a Streams. Moloaa and Anahola, Bays are additional drowned river valleys with barrier beaches, whereas the other beaches in this section are mainly behind fringing reefs.


Between Kealia Beach and Kapaa Beach the shoreline is low sea cliff of Koloa lavas, and there are a few lava outcrops at each end of Wailua Beach, but the rest of the shore is beach or beachrock. The beaches are moderately wide at Kealia and Wailua, where they become river-mouth barrier beaches. Along a significant part of the Kapaa sector between these locations, however, the sea coast is eroding rapidly and its beaches are only a few feet wide in many places. Beachrock and low sea cliffs a few feet high cut into old alluvium, and beach sediments are of common occurrence. Off Kealia and its adjacent cliff to the south the bottom slopes moderately, and is partly sand and partly rocky from patches of coral. From Kapaa southward there is a distinct fringing reef along most of the coast. Kealia Beach is a 1/2-mile-long by 150-foot-wide beach. The beach is held on the south by a rocky point and on the north by a small jetty. Kapaa Stream crosses the beach at the south end. The width of this beach showed little variation except for some big swells during the winter. The sand is highly calcareous. Behind Kealia Beach are low dunes, a cane-hauling road, and the main highway. The remnants of a small sand-mining operation were seen at the north end of the beach. The moderate longshore current apparently is to the north even when waves approach from the northeast.




Pleasure Point Surfing Association produced a highly successful Surf  Fair on April 15, 1965 at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. It was from 10 AM to midnight, during the Easter Break. The event had booths by every major Surf Shop in northern California, Surf Clubs displays, movies, dancing to live bands, skateboard exhibitions, and prize drawings every hour. General admittance was $1.50. With the proceeds from the Surf Fair the PPSA members enjoyed a one week all expense paid surfing trip to Baja California. From: Mahalo!

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PPNF Retirement Crew Party, Santa Cruz,CA September 2014

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